Thursday, December 17, 2009

Poutine in Japan

Now living in Japan, Remi is a web developer who has a website tracking his adventures from the other side of the world. Originally from the Maritimes, he studied to be a webmaster at New Brunswick's Community College in Dieppe. Remi writes, "Having eaten poutine every single day when I was in college, I ate poutine only twice during my five year stay in Ottawa before moving to Japan recently. However, I'm still a fan of the Quebec delicacy."

He found this poutine at a Japanese chain of restaurants called Beckers that serves American-style fast food. He noted that the taste was pretty similar to the stuff back in Canada and gave it a 3 out of 5 curd rating. Remi writes, "It was nice to find poutine far away from home, but they were not generous on gravy. The fries were also a bit soggy."


Francine from IL said...

Do they have a plastic replica of the poutine? Now that would be worth scouring the shops on Kappabashi-dori for!

Knatolee said...

Yeah, those fries look a little anemic! But I am impressed Remi found poutine in Japan.