Wednesday, November 18, 2015

If tweets about poutine were motivational posters.

This was in a Buzzfeed post called "Poutinespiration."

Saturday, November 7, 2015

"I Hike for Poutine" t-shirt

I heard from Jill who admits shes obsessed with poutine. She also happens to love hiking! She says, "I feel if I hike I am allowed a poutine. I am the founder of Rocky Mountain High Est. 2015 and have created a I HIKE FOR POUTINE shirt."
She's offered readers of this blog 30% off any order using the discount code POUTINE. Click HERE for the link to this fun t-shirt!
Thanks for the heads up Jill!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

President Choice poutine

At the grocery store the other day I came across the new offerings in the frozen food case from President's Choice, a brand available across Canada in Loblaws, Your Independent Grocer and others. I also think the brand is available at various stores in the U.S.

In the "World of Flavours" gropu there was a pulled beef poutine PIE!!! Goodness, fries and pastry. Whaddya think? Too much of a good thing?

 More looking and there were the "kits" where I suppose there are different pouches and you create your own pulled beef poutine. I imagine you cook up the fries first and add thawed beef and frozen curds...

 Also offered was a butter chicken poutine kit. It seems butter chicken is a popular flavour choice these days....President's Choice makes a butter chicken lasagna that is a best seller (it's terrific!) and this year they created butter chicken spring rolls. But poutine? The jury is out. If any of my faithful readers tries one of these creations, lemme know. I think I'll have to try one myself. Stay tuned.