Friday, April 27, 2012

Sign the "Poutition" Today!

It's time to make poutine Canada's national dish! Sign the "poutition" at today!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sign the "Poutition"

To celebrate Canadian's favourite food, Wendy’s Canada is encouraging Canadians to visit or Wendy’s Canada Facebook page to sign the online “poutition” to make POUTINE Canada’s national dish. Once 100,000 signatures are received, the “poutition” will be submitted to Parliament for consideration.

To read more about the idea, click here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vert Fourchette & Mary's Fine Foods

Thanks to Natalie and Gordon for this review.
Keep 'em coming people!
We always enjoy eating at Vert Fourchette, but until last weekend, I had never tried their poutine, a relatively new item on their menu.

And it's not just any old poutine! It's  the house garlic/rosemary frîtes , with cheese curds and  homemade pulled pork slathered on top. To heck with the calories! I was determined to try it. And I was not disappointed.

The fresh, crispy fries were layered with a generous helping of cheese curds, topped with an even more generous helping of succulent, spicy pulled pork. This combination worked very well: the marriage of skinny fries and juicy pork was most harmonious.

Every mouthful featured potatoes, cheese and pork, right to the bottom of the bowl. With a little help from my husband, I cleaned my plate.

 I give this poutine 4.75 curds out of 5. If the pulled pork had been slightly hotter, so as to melt the outer curds more, I would pushed it to a five. The restaurant itself is a beautifully restored century home, with wonderful atmosphere and attentive, friendly serving staff. Love their innovative poutine.

 Vert Fourchette & Mary's Fine Foods
117 Main Street E, Vankleek Hill, Ontario K0B 1R0
Tel. 613-678-3984