Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sandy's Quick Lunch

A few weekends ago, Richard and I headed over to Sandy's Quick Lunch in Hawkesbury for a quick lunch.

 It's a cute place by the side of Main Street...

 ...with an entryway to their patio that featured something you'd see in Florida -- a tiki bar canopy.

 Their menu looked promising but no dilly dallying for us. We wanted poutine.

Richard swung into action. Too bad we weren't there at the beginning of the week for their special.

 We tried their large, regular style poutine. Lots of curd coverage!

 Beauty shot. (Twinkle.)

All in all, an excellent poutine. We gave it a four out of five possible curds. I liked the well-done fries. Richard liked the gravy. Pretty darn good.

Sandy's Quick Lunch, 202 Main St. W., Hawkesbury, ON K6A 2H2
Tel. 613-632-0293

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tony's Fish and Chips

Another review from our intrepid poutine reviewer Jen, from Prescott, Ontario.

I picked up some fish at Tony's Fish and Chips last week. They do fish well and we also enjoy their jalapeno bottle caps.  However, the big sign in the window said "Bacon double cheeseburger Poutine."  Well, I figured it would be interesting to rate such a thing so I took the plunge.  
It wasn't cheap at around $7. 
As I watched it being assembled I was a little horrified that not one but three scoopfuls of thick beef gravy were poured on top, along with a mixture of hamburger and ground beef.  
So, I brought it home to see what everyone would think and basically the fries were all mushy due to the excessive quantity of gravy which was too salty and thick. There were not not enough curds for the amount of fries either. We all had one bite and left it at that.  
I'm afraid it only rated one out of five curds and at that I simply do not recommend it for human consumption. 
Enjoy their fish and leave the poutine behind. Nope, don't even consider it, really!

Tony's Fish and Chips, 286 King St. W., Prescott, Ontario K0E 1T0
Tel. 613-925-4751