Sunday, May 17, 2015


 On vacation last week, we headed for Ithaca, NY to Coltivare to try their poutine.

 The restaurant is basically built into a parking garage but despite that,
it's very bright and open.

 We ordered the duck poutine and dug in. Great fries that were nice and crispy. Big problem: See any curds? They were on the bottom, under the fries (?)

We all loved the flavour of the gravy but it lost points for being just too darn thick. Overall, the average of three judges gave it a 3.5 curds out of  a possible five. 

 Am I allowed to show this on a poutine blog? Grilled romaine. We had this as a side as a healthy part of our lunch.

And I'm just throwing this in there...just loved the bathroom signs. Ladies room left, men's to the right and in between? Grant Wood's American Gothic. Thought it was kind of neat.

Coltivare Culinary Center, 235 S. Cayuga St., Ithaca, NY 14950
Tel. 617-882-2333