Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sub Bay

Last week, Jennifer and her friend Denise -- visiting from Barrie -- met up with me in Cornwall. We decided to go to Sub Bay -- not a typo -- which is a little restaurant right next to Subway. Go figure.

Sub Bay has a lovely outdoor patio when the weather permits.

The interior is bright and comfortable.

Denise ordered a regular poutine; I ordered one with chicken. (Jen ordered smoked meat. Next time let's hope she orders smoked meat poutine!)

Denise loved her choice. Very cheesy curds, delicious gravy, crisp fries.

My chicken poutine was great too. I liked the spiciness of the gravy and the grilled chicken was fab. Tons of curds. Crisp fries.

A fantastic job! The three of us all agreed on a five out of a possible five curds. Well done, Sub Bay!

Sub Bay, 1003 Montreal Rd., Cornwall, ON K6H 1E1
Phone: 613-936-8866