Saturday, May 31, 2014

La Patate du Coin

 It was the first really warm day of spring and we decided to celebrate...

 ...time to have our first poutine of the year, eaten in the great outdoors.

 We stopped in on our way to a sculpture show...and were surprised to see brochures advertising our destination...with all the condiments!

 We decided to share a medium poutine. It was absolutely fabulous!

 Hot gravy, not too salty. Squeeky, fresh curds. Well cooked and yummy fries. A definite 5 out of 5 curds. Just a delightful poutine!

They had a wonderful spot to eat with several clean picnic tables and even a grackle or two looking for a handout. Well done La Patate du Coin!

La Patate du Coin, 1299 Labrosse, St-Eugene, Ontario K0B 1P0
Phone: 613-674-1616

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jimmy Fallon eating poutine!

Saw this on my Facebook feed today. Apparently Mr. Fallon is a Rangers fan...but as a nod to the Canadiens, is having a poutine? Hmmm. Go Habs Go!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Willy's Wagon

Thanks to ace reporter Scott for his review from Almonte, Ontario.

Tucked away, just off the corner of Ottawa and Martin streets, you’ll enjoy tucking in to a serving of their poutine – a mound of golden brown fries, lathered in delicious gravy, and complemented by a generous sprinkling of curd – of course – throughout.
   It’s definitely deserving of a five-curd rating (no, I’m not being too laudatory, trust me).
   And if you don’t believe me, check out the look on the face of Rhea, seen here with Scott as they sample a family-sized order.
   Rhea’s mom, and Scott’s girlfriend, Sherly, who snapped this pic and whose idea it was to visit Willy’s during a Victoria Day excursion to Almonte, is absent from the image but, according to Scott, deserves a five-curd rating of her own for suggesting the lunch-time stopover. Rhea was very impressed with the poutine, particularly its mouth-watering gravy – nary a drop of which remained once the towels, or serviettes, were thrown in – which she eagerly scooped out with her fingers as the fries and curd quickly disappeared.

Willy's Wagon, 23 Martin St. N., Almonte, ON K0A 1A0
Phone: 613-253-6830

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Poutine: Rich in Fibre?

Who knew? (Seen in Montreal by Natalie Rowe. Thanks for the heads up Nat!)