Monday, December 21, 2009

Chocolate Poutine?

My friend and neighbour Robin from Apple Hill, Ontario sent this story for other lovers of poutine to enjoy. Chocolate poutine sounds intriguing...

During the early ‘00s, I belonged to a cooking club, the membership of which consisted of twelve women and two guys. The women were all extremely capable cooks, chefs and caterers. We guys were at best gifted amateurs. In February 2006, it was decided that we would gather at one of the women's homes in Maxville, Ontario, (just down the road from me) for a chocolate night. All would be expected to bring a chocolate creation.

Chocolate appeared to have a greater appeal to the female majority of the club. The girls would no doubt produce decorative cakes and other stunning creations. Though delectable conceptually, preparing a chocolate dish represented a challenge. What was a poor guy to do?

A friend, returning from his travels, remarked that he had been served fries with chocolate sauce in some remote restaurant. An idea formed. Poutine, with chocolate sauce instead of gravy? Well it would certainly be different!

The first experiment on chocolate poutine resulted in an unappetizing slab of curds and fries. The only good aspect of the first experiment indicated that curds and chocolate were gastronomically intriguing. The next experiment involved enrobing individual curds and individual fries in chocolate. It appeared to work, however the fries were not as tasty as the curds. Time was running out! I had to go with the high carb fries.

Chocolate poutine was launched. The curds were all eaten, but the fries languished. My creation scored an “E” for effort. I should have used crispy fries before coating them.

No one should go to the great chip wagon in the sky without trying chocolate poutine.


Knatolee said...

I dunno, Robin,I may have to go to my grave without trying this! :)

Marcia said...

I can see this working.. I had a wonderful goat cheese chocolate truffle in La Jolla from an excellent chocolatier called Chuao. Guess next time if I get it with a side of fries, it will taste about the same!
xxoo Yer sis

Chris said...

Welcome to the foodie blogroll!

I never heard of poutine until this year when Lord of The Wings blogged about it. It's on my list of "try this soon" dishes. It looks so good to me, I can't believe we don't have it down here in the South.

Chow and Chatter said...

what a fun blog