Friday, December 11, 2009

Jean Burger

Last weekend before the snow, Richard and I were up in Wakefield, Québec to visit his mum. It was 3:30 p.m. and we hadn't eaten lunch so we pulled into Jean Burger.

A fun joint that is swamped in the summer when you can eat outside, the owners smartly built a section for indoor tables.

Inside they have some fun vintage signs.

Here's the menu board with their offerings.

People must have asked how big is "big" so many times that they put samples of the poutine sizes on the wall to the left of the ordering counter.

Richard said he was HUNGRY so we ordered a large to share. Wowza!

Okay, do I look guilty? Not one bit. (Off to the gym tomorrow!)
Rating: 4 out of a possible 5 curds. My only complaint was that I found the gravy too salty. (Richard didn't.) The best part of this poutine was how hot it stayed all the way to the bottom. Very soothing on a cold day. (We both agreed about that.)

Restaurant Jean Burger, 88 Rte 105, Wakefield, QC J0X 3G0
Phone: 819-459-2994


Why Oxbow? said...

At one poutine a month, you seem to headed into 2011!

Ronna said...

Yah, okay I'm busted. But...if you take 2 really good tastes of SOMEONE ELSE'S poutine, it cheats the calories somewhat, right? Still, I find the more I taste 'em, the more I want 'em. I'll try hard to let others send me their reviews. That might be the ticket, eh?

D said...

Used to hit this spot on our way to Scout camp every time when I lived in Ottawa. Love this place because you can see them cutting the potatoes fresh behind the counter.

It became such a tradition that one time when we were headed south out of town (rather than north through Wakefield) and stopped at KFC, we asked them to give us one of the big chicken buckets filled with poutine. They refused, even though we said we were willing to pay whatever it would cost.

Eventually we compromised -- they gave us an empty chicken bucket and we bought enough large orders of poutine to fill it about 2/3 full.

KFC doesn't compare to Jean Burger for quality, but at least it was big.

Anonymous said...

Jean Burger is the best,my personal favorite.....the gravy is perfect and they give you lots of cheese curds!!! There is even a facebook group for people that love Jean Burger!
I suggest you try Dominion just on the other side of Wakefield (hwy105/Hwy 366 junction by the fire station) they are a close second in my taste.

Ronna said...

Okay "anonymous" thanks for the tip. Next time we're up in Wakefield, we'll head over to Dominion and do a taste comparison to Jean Burger.