Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Poutine in Mexico

David Agren is a freelance journalist who grew up near Vancouver and lived in Calgary prior to moving to Mexico in 2005. David's blog is entitled "Tales from San Lazaro: News and views on Mexican politics" and can be found by clicking www.agren.blogspot.com

In a post from February 2007, David wrote, "Chef Bernard Corriveau proudly shows off a plate of poutine. The Quebec native, who now resides in Zapopan, prepared the dish for a group of cooks from the Sanborns restaurant chain. Sanborns locations in Guadalajara will put poutine on the menu this month as part of Canada Week in Jalisco. No word on if Carlos Slim, Latin America's wealthiest man and the owner of Sanborns, signed off on the menu selection."

In David's e-mail he mentions that although he likes poutine, he never really ate it very much when living in Canada. And the poutine in Mexico was just "okay." In David's words, "They really don't know know to make good gravy here and the cheese could have been more gooey."

He's unsure of any places that currently sell poutine in Mexico year-round and suggests that the Quebec government office in Mexico City might have an idea. Does anyone have any knowledge of the current status of our favourite dish in Mexico?


Jack D'Mestiere said...

I don't know about joints that put poutine in your feedbag down south of two borders for you, Rouge, but I found this:http://www.thestar.com/sports/panamgames/article/721766--poutine-chardonnay-served-at-toronto-s-final-pan-am-push

It may be the first and only time poutine has been dished up to convince someone to put an athletic event in a country! Poutine and athletics ain't necessarily a pas de deux, follow? And I'm not sure it's doing much for the bianco skidrow , either...But, leave it to The Big Smoke to try!

And, it may just be me, but I've got it in my mind that they conjure up a pretty good gravy down south--it's called chili verde or chili colorado. Come to think of it, a little chili verde poured over some murphy sticks, throw on some wax, might be just what Dolly-girl needs to stick in front of my yap!

Ronna said...

Thanks for that link. I guess poutine (along with the ice wine and brews) worked because Toronto is indeed hosting the Pan Am Games in July of 2015! (Betcha there were extra curds on those poutine, to win the deal, eh?)