Monday, December 14, 2009

Chez Ashton

Jack's back! From Portland, Oregon, Jack's a guy who travels a lot and loves poutine. A great combination for helping me find the ultimate one, don't you think? Here's what Jack says about the poutine he tried at Chez Ashton in Québec City: "Curds, check. Gravy, check, sausage, an extra but tasty, check. Ambience? Nope. Salty? Not enough. Tin container--minus a curd. I'll give it a 3."

Chez Ashton has 25 restaurants in the Québec City area.
To read more click here:
Go directly to their poutine page, click here.


Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Ronna, your Poutine blog makes me very hungry. I may just have to step out and get myself the necessary ingredients for tonight's dinner!
Bon Apatite!

Olivier said...

Hi there Ronna, Found this site while trying to describe waht a poutine is to some kiwi and aussie friends. I,m from Quebec City and i have to say that chez Ashton's poutine, while not the best one available is usually considered the bechmark for every other one. thanks to you for proagating the love of our unofficial national dish :P