Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let the Games Begin

Seems poutine is in the news once again. Click here to read an article in Toronto's Globe and Mail. The newspaper is following the Olympic flame and while it was in Drummondville, QC on Monday, author Sonia Verma writes about the folks there who claim poutine as their invention.
Thanks to Evlyn Fortier for sending this to me. Hey Evlyn, let's have a poutine together -- it's on me!


Evlyn said...

Hey Ronna - I may take you up on that offer. I would like to start exploring for good poutine places. For example, Alfred bills itself as the "french fry capital of Canada". And the casse-croutes there do make great fries. So maybe they make great poutine too. And there must be a good place in Ottawa to get poutine, but I haven't discovered it yet. Will let you know when I do! Bon apetit!

Anonymous said...

There is a year round chip truck - MD's Mobile Kitchen - on Old Innes Road at Sheffield and he makes the best poutine in Ottawa. The guy can be a little crusty (a la soup nazi from Seinfeld), which adds to the experience.