Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Do Try This at Home

My friend Jen lives in Prescott, Ontario, about an hour south of Ottawa. Jen writes, "Reading the Poutine Chronicles made me hungry so in addition to the fresh and healthy home made Asian Chicken soup for dinner, my son, husband and I shared a side of homemade poutine.

Once the fries were cooked and the sauce warmed up, she put everything together. "After a couple of moments the curds get all stringy and melty and even though the sauce is a little on the thin side, the whole result is quite satisfying."

She notes, "It was not as good as going out to buy one from a place that makes a good poutine, however my experience so far is that a good poutine is hard to find in this area. They seem to be big on the super salty beef gravies. So for a home effort it was plenty fine. I suppose it might have been better had I cut my own potatoes and deep-fried them. But this was quick and easy."
She gave it a 3 out of a possible 5 curds.
I think I'll give it a go myself one of these days. Thanks Jen.

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Marcia said...

Sure glad you started with that healthy Asian soup, Jen!