Tuesday, March 16, 2010

La Poutine Jenga

Chef Martin Juneau is one clever fellow. He created a poutine in the shape of a Jenga game. Jenga is a game where you stack blocks into a tower and then each person takes a turn removing a block until the tower eventually falls. The person who removes the last block loses.

This poutine tower is made of the three standard ingredients in poutine: potatoes cut into a block, cheddar cheese cut into the same shape (alas, Chef Juneau couldn't use curds because they are unstable and irregularly shaped), and gravy made solid by using gelatin, again in the same shape as the other two ingredients.

To see a video of Chef Juneau making his Poutine Jenga, click here.

Thanks to my friend Dave for sending me this link!


Knatolee said...

So imaginative! But I wonder how many curds it would score?

Marcia said...