Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mike's Place, Tel Aviv, Israel

This just in from my friend Whitney who lives in Florida.

I was in Tel Aviv visiting with my high school friend, Avia, who has been living in Israel since college. We met up with some of her friends and spent the afternoon on the beach. After a day in the scorching July sun, we were all in need of some refreshment and a TV to watch the Germany/Argentina soccer game.
We made our way up to Mike's Place, a recommended beachfront watering hole that would surely give us North Americans a sense of home. As we were walking in, I noticed a patron chowing down on a dish that looked suspiciously like poutine.

But, poutine in Israel? Nah, couldn't be.

Upon further investigation, the menu revealed that Mike's Place did in fact serve their own version poutine. Crazy! The menu reads: Our homemade fries baked with cheese in a stone brick oven, topped with gravy.

I was too excited by this unlikely melding of cultures not to order it, not to mention my sense of duty to your study of poutine. I learned that the owner of Mike's Place hails from Canada, not surprisingly. So, how do you like that? It's going international.

I love it! Thanks for the overseas report Whitney. Looks like yummy poutine!

Mike's Place, Herbert Samuel 86, Tel Aviv, Israel
Phone: 077-6550054
To see their website, click here: Mike's Place

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Marcia said...

We seek it here
We seek it there
We seek that poutine everywhere!

Good job, Whitney! But what's your curd rating (although I guess in the Middle East it is a Kurd rating!!)