Friday, September 3, 2010

Bala Bay Inn

This just in from my friend Wendy who lives in Toronto.

Nestled amongst towering white pines on the shores of world famous Lake Muskoka, Ontario is the area’s oldest brick hotel the “Bala Bay Inn,” built in 1910. While on vacation, my friend Patty and I dined there with our families. We ordered the poutine and it was scrumptious! The gravy had an intense beef flavour that complemented the hand-cut fries, which were salted perfectly. The executive chef, Philip Cowley, uses authentic Quebec cheese curds from a company called Kingsey.
The fries are made by a three-step process: hand-cut chilled in water, then blanched in boiling water and then allowed to dry in the fridge. The last step: the fries are placed in the deep fryer at a low temperature, then allowed to cool again in the fridge and then into the deep fryer. Great poutine!

Bala Bay Inn, P.O. Box 258, Muskoka Road HW169, Bala, Ontario P0C 1A0
Phone: 705-762-3313 or 1-866-268-1453
To see their website, click here: Bala Bay Inn

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Marcia said...

YUM! But how many curds? And do you give them a "Haut-curd" for tastefulness of surroundings?