Monday, September 27, 2010

Bud the Spud

This review from avid poutine lover, Dave...

The day after Labour Day we were on our way to the Finger Lakes region of New York for a short holiday when hunger hit after a couple of hours on the road, before we even got to the US border.

Luckily we found ourselves near the exit for Maitland, Ontario, which is just east of Brockville on the 401. From past trips we knew of a fantastic little chip stand in the tiny village that sits astride old Highway 2 on the shore of the St. Lawrence River.

Within five minutes were cruising through the pretty little hamlet on our way to Bud the Spud. We got there just as the lunchtime rush was starting. If you ever wanted proof as to how popular this place is with the locals, all you'd have to do is check out their parking lot at lunchtime, jammed with trucks for landscapers, roofers, plumbers, you name it.

After a very short perusal of the menu (which was mainly burgers and fries but also included something called a "Black 'n' Blue Sandwich"), all three of us decided on ordering a small poutine each as a great way to start off our vacation.

While waiting the few minutes for our order we repaired to a picnic table and passed some of the time eavesdropping on some of the locals chatting up the cook in a typical eastern Ontario way: Q: "So when yous guys closing for the season?" A: "When she freezes."

After a few minutes we were called to the window to pick up our orders packed in three blazing hot styrofoam containers. The "small" was very generous, with about one and a half times as much as I would normally feel comfortable eating but, hey, when it comes to poutine moderation always go by the way.

The fries were fresh and obviously home-cut, not frozen, were freshly out of the fryer, cooked to a crispy golden brown on the outside, creamy and hot on the inside. The cheese curds were large and, again, generously applied and the beef gravy was plentiful and also very hot. As a result, the cheese curds melted deliciously over the fries, creating the ooey-gooey melding of potatoes, cheese and gravy that makes for great poutine.

We all agreed: Bud the Spud's poutine rated five curds out of five! The best we've ever had!

Bud the Spud, Highway 2, Maitland, Ontario
(Open seasonally)

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Knatolee said...

Oh my!! Worth the drive to Maitland!