Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Alfred

My sister and I were on our poutine tasting trials in Alfred, Ontario and the third joint we tried was Miss Alfred.

It's won all sorts of awards, including best sauce and best fries in Eastern Ontario.

It has plenty of outdoor, covered seating...

...and even more in case you're bringing a crowd.

And wonderful, giant "fries" made out of wood...

...which folks have autographed and commented on.

The service was friendly and fast and the fries were fresh.

Even though the poutine here was recently rated the best in the region (click here to read more), we rated the poutine as just okay. The fries were on the soggy side and the gravy was okay. Curds were fresh but neither of us said WOW. We rated it as a 3.5 out of a possible 5 curds.

143 St Philippe St., Alfred, ON K0B 1A0
Phone: 613-679-1216


Marcia said...

I loved the wooden fries. We have to add an "ambiance" rating, Ron...

Newsman said...

Thank you for serving up some informed commentary on a food sector that requires closer scrutiny.

At last we have an objective report that goes beyond the sizzle and gets to the heart of the matter and probes to the depth of the styrofoam container.
The foodie world needs more accurate coverage such as this dispatch.