Monday, August 2, 2010

Pirate's Lunch

Another review from our roving poutine eater Jack D'Mestiere. This time he was in British Columbia! Read on...Jack here. While motoring around Vancouver Island on an outing from Victoria, Dolly-girl and me ran into Pirate’s Lunch. We stopped quicker than a ’59 VW going up hill. “This is it, Jack, I just know this is it! Great road-side food, by the water!”

There were all sorts of signs advertising Pirate’s food offerings...

...and then one special one caught my eye. Yes, indeed, I was looking at a chance for poutine. Here was a chance to have a 5-curd poutine from a roadside stand, just like Ronna and Richard talk about! Great decor and poutine, too. I ordered it. Dolly-girl was right! This is it! But, I should have known: Pirate pronounced it "poo-teen."

The “Poutine” arrived. My excitement faded fast. While the fries were fresh cut and cooked just right--in fact, delicious fries--and the gravy, while likely from a can or mix was tasty--although not salty enough--the curds were--WHAT? Strips of American cheese (wait, I guess that would be Canadian cheese--or would it be? I think Canadians have more taste) had been torn up and laid to rest on the fries and gravy. IMPORTED AMERICAN CHEESE! Strips!

Sorry Pirate, poutine ain’t poutine without curds. Final score? 0, zero, nil, naught.


Knatolee said...

OH. MY. GOD!! That is not poutine, that is a TRAVESTY!!

Admittedly, the fries look tasty. But that cheese? An ABOMINATION!!!

And you can get cheese curds in BC, so there is ZERO excuse. This was my fav cheese place when we lived there, with excellent curds:

Poor Jack. I hope he survived!

Anonymous said...

I could understand if they used shredded mozz or something..but American cheese slices?? yuck!