Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Sister's First Poutine

My sister Marci came to visit me from Ithaca, NY over the weekend. We headed to Alfred, Ontario (the French fry captial of Eastern Ontario) to try some poutine.

Marci had never had poutine before! It was an exciting moment.

She loved the fries and kinda liked the poutine. This was a good one too from La Kennebec, on the main drag (see review below).

Crisp fries, curds and gravy. What else could a gal ask for?


Marcia said...

"Step away from the poutine, sis... we've got three more to go!" Thanks for the initiation, and for being my beloved sister. xxoo

Anonymous said...

The "Landriault Chip Stand" in Alfred used to have an excellent poutine... I haven't been in over a year, but it's just down the road from La Kennebec.

It's pushing the boundaries of "Eastern" Ontario, but have you been to the Elgin Street Diner in Ottawa for their "Four Cheese Poutine"?

Their chocolate-banana milkshake is one of my favourite things ever.

Ronna said...

Thanks! I'm dying to try the Elgin Street Diner (no boundaries for me when trying a poutine!) and please check out the review I just did for Landriault's chip stand.

Marcia said...

My sistah sure knows her poutine!