Thursday, January 28, 2010

Orange Poutine

Sarah G. from Toronto sent along these great shots of her invention, the orange poutine. She writes:
I had a craving over the weekend for poutine, but only had sweet potato fries and orange cheese curds on hand. What does that make? Orange poutine!

It was actually pretty good, although the taste was not quite the same as regular poutine, since the fries are sweet. I used a tin of beef gravy to top it off. Yummy. I gave it 3 curds out of 5.

My partner Steve was more generous with a 4. The perfect drink for this meal? Orange juice, of course (pure coincidence, actually!). That, and Steve happened to be wearing an orange shirt.

Thanks Sarah. I particularly like that you served your orange poutine on a plate with a blue rim to show off its colour. Very artful! And Steve's shirt was just perfect.

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Evlyn said...

I really like the "orange theme." Orange is a great colour on a really, really cold day. Makes you feel all warm and toasty. And Steve looks so happy!