Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Casse Croûte Chez Diane

Richard and I were on our way home from visiting Richard's mum in Wakefield, Québec, and we hadn't eaten lunch so we decided to stop for poutine in Masson.

Casse Croûte Chez Diane looked like a perfect place.

Plenty of poutine varieties from which to choose.

We went for a medium-sized classic poutine. We were hungry and tired and it was cold out. The poutine was hot, hot, hot -- in fact the hottest gravy I'd ever had! The curds melted almost instantaneously.

The fries, unfortunately, were soggy. I guess it was late in the day and very quiet so they weren't the freshest. Overall, we gave it a 3 out of 5 curds. It certainly warmed us up and was tasty but didn't bite back the way it should have.

Casse Croûte Chez Diane, 775 chemin de Masson, Masson (Gatineau), Québec J8M 1K1
Phone: 819-986-1606

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