Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gaetan's Chip Stand

My favourite local chip stand is Gaetan's in Alexandria, Ontario -- a hop, skip and a jump from my home.

The place is always crowded. Can you imagine a line up in the middle of January for a place that has no seats?

I ordered a classic poutine for me and a Gaetan's special poutine for Richard.

Pretty exciting, eh?

The fellow in the truck was fast. Each order's french fries were made on the spot. He layered that with curds, then hot gravy, then back for more fries, curds and gravy. Two layers!

There's my poutine just waiting for me. But we waited for Richard's "special" to be made.

Okay, now we're ready to rock and roll...

The Gaetan's special poutine included chicken and hot dogs.

My classic was to die for!

Curds all the way to the bottom. I just had to give it a 5 out of a possible 5 curds. We both loved our poutine from Gaetan's!

Slide your mouse on the image above and click on play button to see The Secret Life of Chip Stands, a great little video about Gaetan's!

To read more about Gaetan's, click on this link at The Star.

Gaetan's Chip Stand is on Main Street, Alexandria, Ontario. It is parked in the Bank of Montreal parking lot and is open every day, weather permitting, from lunchtime onward.


Marcia said...

Gaetan looks just like a Chip Gumby!

Jack D'Mestiere said...

I want to go to this place. But Styrofoam. Please, I thought Canada was on board with the whole global environmental thing. Gaetan, you could get a 6 out of 5 curds if you used paper...

Francine from IL said...

Hey, I was thinking he looked like a chip Gumby, too! Great minds think alike. Clearly he is Gumby's Canadian (twin?) cousin.

Shannon said...

Gaetan's is great, but I think they've changed something recently (maybe a year back).. it seems their food isn't QUITE as nice as it used to be. Hmmm... maybe I should check again, I think I'll have to go over for a poutine tomorrow and get back to you! LOL!
Great blog!!!

Anonymous said...

The Gaetan the fry guy (The Gumby like fry character) was created by Burlington. Ontario graphic artist, Gisele Sauve. The character was part of a marketing plan makeover incepted by chipstand owners at the time Anne & Marc Lecompte.

Mention Gaetan Verdon to most in Alexandria up until 10 years ago and people would automaticaly think of a joly character with a big smile and a personality that would warm us all. Unfortunately Gaetan Verdon passed away, but his legend lives on through his chipstand and his secret fry recipe. Gaetan the fry guy is a graphic depersonalization of what Gaetan was; A great joly fun guy great fry maker not to mention... Salt Vinegar?

Anonymous said...

Some would say Salt & Vinegar. Me, I say sel et vinaigre!