Monday, November 30, 2009

Miss Hawkesbury

Richard and I had supper at Miss Hawkesbury the other night. I remember as a kid going to Miss Montreal and Miss Snowdon (not far from where we lived) and didn't think there were any "Miss" restaurants still in operation.

But Miss Hawkesbury is still a going concern. The place mat makes me laugh because the Miss Hawkesbury image must be the very same one used in the 1960s.

We ordered a small poutine to give it a try. It was good but they didn't use cheese curds. Instead, they used shredded mozzarella and stuck it under the broiler and melted it. Sort of cheating in my mind.

And it was very, very stringy. The fries were on the soggy side too.

However we both agreed that the gravy was really pretty good.
Rating: 3 curds out of a possible 5.

Miss Hawkesbury, 254 Main Street West, Hawkesbury, ON K6A 2H6
Phone: 613-632-4473


Knatolee said...

Okay, mozzarella is TOTALLY cheating! But I love the logo for the restaurant. So retro!

Evlyn said...

The last time I went to Miss Hawkesbury, I found the food really awful, so I've never gone back. I ordered "Honey Chicken" and when they served it, it consisted of one piece of overdone chicken with a plastic container of honey (like the ones they serve with toast at breakfast) on the side! A real cheat. So I am not surprised they cheat on their poutine as well. I think 3 curds out of 5 is too generous.

Ronna said...

Yah, Evlyn, you're likely right about the rating being generous. Richard really liked the taste of the gravy. Once I saw the lack of curds I was a bit put off. The rating automatically dropped by one curd with the lack of them. The other point drop was for soggy fries. Good gravy kept the rating up a bit.

Jack D'Mestiere said...

I seen better looking poutine at the A&W at teh Vancouver aerodrome, and that ain't saying much. Of course, being from south of the border where some people make it with goat cheese, what do I know. But, that Miss Hawkesbury, now that looks like a place that me and Dolly-girl better set our brake double quick!

Anonymous said...

Not much difference between Miss Hawkesbury and your stores frozen food section,nothing home made there,just reheated ,chicken fingers and fries.