Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Radio Room

Jack is back! It's been a while since his last review and we've been dying to hear more from at last, here's his latest review.

So me and Dolly-girl, I mean Fiora, decided seeing how it was Mothers' Day and all that, would head on over to one of our favorite joints and tie on the feedbag. And maybe, just maybe, have a couple or three beers. Se we perambulated over to Radio Room just in time to hit the happy hour. It was a shocker to me to see that the menu had changed and even more of a shake-my-tree to see that poutine was now on the card. What a great day. I ordered it. Fiora shook her head and mumbled something about how she thought I was watching my waist and she didn't exactly see how this fit with that. Well, it doesn't, but who can resist an untried poutine?

The bowl arrived and I'll just issue this one alert right now. THIS IS TOO MUCH POUTINE FOR ONE HUMAN TO CONSUME although this human did. Bring help.
It looked good--I guess that means the presentation was pleasing. The menu described fries, covered with vegetarian gravy (a minus in my book), curds (of course), bacon (a plus in my book), a poached egg (plus again), and scallions (nice touch). First the negatives. The fries should have been crispier to slow the absorption of the gravy and the curds should squeak. The tastes, including a rich gravy and bacon, more than made up for that. The egg was a perfect topper (but then I like poached eggs) and turns this poutine into a perfectly good bacon, egg, and potato breakfast too!.

So Radio Room, the score: 4 curds. I might be talked into adding a half a bonus curd for a bowl that clearly tops 1,000 calories, but 4 is a really good score for me. Crisp up those fries and you're headed to a 5...
If you're looking for poutine in Portland, and you like poached eggs (and beer, and a fun spot), head to the Radio Room and tell them Jack sent you...

Radio Room, 1101 NE Alberta St., Portland, OR 97211
Phone: 513-287-2346

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Ms Sparrow said...

I just learned that they are selling poutine at the Minnesota State Fair!
It consists of a paper cup of French Fries topped with gray gravy with lumps of cheese curds floating in it. I don't know that I would want to eat it from what I saw on TV!