Thursday, May 2, 2013

Two Rivers Brewing Company

A review from PJ in Pennsylvania. Thanks!

Yes, the poutine was very good and very rich. I mean, short ribs, gravy, cheese curds, French fries. I ate everything but most of the fries. What it seemed like to me was pot roast beef. It had that type of flavor. Really, what's not to like?  I was always put off by the term "cheese curd" but it's just melted cheese to me. 
The restaurant says that their influence is New Orleans, so I guess they do poutine because of the French influence, nothing to do with Canada. (Note: Uh, poutine from New on Two Rivers!)
Two Rivers Brewing Company, 542 Northampton St., Easton, PA 18042
Tel. 610-829-1131
Website: Two Rivers Brewing Company

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Aficionado_de_le_poutine said...

Poutine here is very good. When I dined here and ordered poutine I was suprized by how tender the meat was. The fries were crispy but not burnt which was perfect. I have had poutine all over Canada and a few places in the states and this has to be among my favorite poutine platters. Nice Job Two Rivers!