Thursday, October 3, 2013

Farmhouse Tavern

 We went for brunch at the Farmhouse Tavern in Toronto and we sat outside on the patio.

 Inside there are tractor seats at the counter. Authentic farm stuff everywhere.

 Outside it was a busy, sunny, brunchy spot. I HAD to try the Hangover Poutine.

What can I say? A real knock out! It was a ragout with potato chunks vs. fries and topped with a seared foie gras. Really over the top and almost impossible to rate on my regular curd scale. Totally amazing and in a class all its own.
How about a 5 on the "high-end" curd scale? 
Yah! That's it.

Farmhouse Tavern, 1627 Dupont St., Toronto, ON
Text reservations: 416-561-9114 or email


Knatolee said...

Oh my, that takes poutine to a new level!

Anonymous said...

sounds delish! but really shouldnt be called a poutine