Friday, April 30, 2010

Séguin Patate

A warm, sunny day in Cornwall, Ontario with friends meant a stop at a little seasonal joint called Séguin Patate.

Lots of stuff to choose from and a picnic table to eat it on.

But how could we pass up the poutine?

Here's Mr. Séguin Patate welcoming me. He's a cutie, eh?

Inside the busy kitchen, there was a cute cartoon advertising the St. Albert curds used on their poutine.

A lone seagull stood patiently waiting for a handout.

We split a large poutine. Jen had them add bacon, just to give it a try.

That poutine got photographed from many angles.

We dug in and had the following comments: It was on the small side for a so-called "large"; the fries were great as was the gravy which tasted of bacon; the curds weren't squeaky. All in all, a pretty good effort. 4 out of a possible 5 curds.

Séguin Patate, 921 Marlborough St N, Cornwall, Ontario
Open seasonally from spring to fall.


Knatolee said...

But there is no excuse for lack of squeakiness when we are so close to the St. Albert place!!

Knatolee said...

And in that photo of the kitchen, is that woman about to pat that man's bum?? :)

Jack D'Mestiere said...

Now, this looks like poutine! And you can't go wrong adding bacon to anything! Jeesh, that's coming from the purist, too. Everything about the place screams "Go HABS!"

amy said...

mmm, so happy to see seguin patate here! I hope you make it to one of the cornwall pizzerias soon. :)

Private Parts said...

What is in a Fric Fry?

Anonymous said...

Fric fry = fries, gravy, hamburger and fried onions.
Fric fry all dressed = fries, gravy, hamburger, fried onions, curd, and homemade hot sauce.