Monday, April 5, 2010

La Bonne Assiette

With temperatures soaring to a record breaking 29C on Saturday, Richard and I headed to a poutine joint in Grenville, Québec. On the right of the photo you can see the bridge that takes you over the Ottawa River to Hawkesbury, Ontario.

We decided to park our brake, as our friend Jack D'Mestiere would say, at La Bonne Assiette and try their poutine. Looks like the cartoon chef on their sign has had a few too many poutines himself!

We split a small one. Richard didn't like the inconsistent fries. Some were burnt and all were mushy. I took offense to the ice-cold curds. Once curds are refrigerated, they lose their squeak, which is part of their charm. The gravy was hot and pretty good.

Richard gave it a 3 out a possible 5 curds. I was teetering on a 2.5. We both agreed it was pretty average. Not great but not horrible.

La Bonne Assiette, 41 rue Maple, Grenville, QC J0V 1J0
Phone: 819-242-9000

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