Monday, April 19, 2010

Beer and Butter Tarts

Poutine Chronicles is now part of a great site called Beer and Butter Tarts that promotes Canadian food blogs. Here's what one of the folks who runs it writes, "In July of 2009, we created a website called Beer and Butter Tarts. The original intent was for the site to be a cross between TasteTO and a Canadian version of Serious Eats; with people from across the country writing about food in Canada. But it was a lot more work than we had expected and we really couldn’t keep up both the quantity and quality. But we’ve always wanted to do something that celebrated food in Canada, and we loved the name…
So we’ve turned Beer and Butter Tarts into a food blog aggregator, where Canadian food bloggers can join and have their blog posts included on the home page." To see more, click Beer and Butter

To see another cool food website run by the same folks click on Save Your Fork...There's Pie!