Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Louis' Restaurant

A few weeks back found us in Chesterville, shopping for trees. Since we were early, we decided to stop at Louis' Restaurant on the main drag.

We ordered the poutine, natch, and it came nice and hot.

 Unfortunately, there were no curds but shredded mozzarella. What's with that?

In order that we don't die prematurely from an overdose of poutine this summer, we "tasted" the poutine and split a lovely Greek salad.

The poutine was okay. But rules are rules. You lose one full curd for lack of real curds. Overall, this poutine rated a 3.5 out of a possible 5 curds. Not bad. Fabulous plates though!

Louis' Restaurant, 1 King Street, Chesterville, Ontario  K0C 1H0
Phone: 613-448-2051

1 comment:

Knatolee said...

OMG! No excuse for lack of curdage!! We live in curd country.

But I do love the plates, and I'm sure I ate at that place when we were house-hnting!