Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jos Patate

On a rainy day recently, Richard and I headed over the bridge in Hawkesbury, Ontario to Grenville, Quebec.

When it's sunny, Jos Patate has an incredibly long line up so today was the day to try their poutine.

Richard and I ordered a medium to split.

Luckily, because of the rain, there was plenty of seating available.

The poutine was pretty good. Great curd coverage. Nice, warm gravy. All round, pretty darn good.

We both liked it and agreed it was a little above average and gave it a 4 out of a 5 possible curds.

Jos Patate, 29 rue Maple, Grenville, QC, J0V 1J0
Phone: 819-242-1059


Elisabeth said...

Jos patate!
Un nom digne de la poutine!

(True patate stands have to be called "Jos Patate" or better yet..."Le Roi de la Patate" !)

Jack D'Mestiere said...

A little above average gets a 4? Where were you when I was at university? But, glad to see the Newshawk is sporting his Rogue shirt!

Ronna said...

Well Jack, here's my thinking. A 3/5 is average. A 4/5 is above average and a 5/5 is sheer poutine perfection. Whaddya think?

Ҝ8 said...

My favourite poutine shack - and I've NEVER seen it that empty! I would give it 5/5, because they never skimp on the curds, and the gravy is not too salty - the potatoes even seem sweet. DELICIOUS.

Unknown said...

i like that the sauce isnt running and not a bbq sauce. its a sticky brown sauce. my fav place.