Tuesday, June 22, 2010

College View

This review just in from my friend Jen and her boys Jacob and Joshua who live in Prescott, Ontario.

College View is a little ice cream shoppe across from Kemptville College, Kemptville. I wish I could say we were pleased and excited to share however that is not the case this time.

For one, the fries, although fresh, were heavily coated with some kind of batter. I personally don't much like coated fries as I believe that a properly cooked potato will stand just fine on its own. The container was close to tiny for a "small" and made of cardboard. Your fingers were not protected from the hot contents and nor would they stay hot for long in thin cardboard.

Joshua's first words after his first bite were "salty gravy" -- strike three. There was not an abundance of curds either. So, all in all it was a most disappointing poutine experience. One out of five curds.

Thanks for the review, Jen. Onward and upward!

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