Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Girl Can Dream

Menu posted in the window at Carol's Restaurant in Hawkesbury. Gotta get me some...


Elisabeth said...

I have been to Carol's and they have awesome breakfasts too!

Anonymous said...

Number 1: Maxville is not the Cheese Curd Capitol of Ontario.

2: I am sure that customer must have been told that cheese curds were not available that day.

3: Maxiville is a 30 km drive from St. Alberts where you buy the cheese curds.

4: Correct me if I am wrong, should poutine not be smothered in lots of cheese and gravy? Isnt that what makes the poutine?

5. Everyone is entitled to thier opinion...too bad yours is wrong.

6: You can purchase shredded cheese from St. Albert's and that is what is used when people run out of fresh curds.