Sunday, September 9, 2018

MarKum Inn

Ooh, it's been a while since we've had a review from Jack D'Mestiere.
It's been waaay too long Jack. Welcome back!

Me and Dolly-girl were down the valley on a Sunday for a meet-up with Beluga Slim. Yes, there was some beer drunk and some baseball talked. About 5, Dolly-girl gives me the time-to-go shot through the wave, so we saddled up and headed home. There was an empty spot in our bellies so before we left, we got a little feed-bag advice from a local: “Try the MarKum Inn & Muddy Boots Bar. They put a lot in front of you and it can’t be beat."

About 20 minutes later, we slid into a booth and looked at the Whaddaya-gots. Right away something called The Horseshoe was appealing to me just because, well, what could sound more appealing than eating a horseshoe? Dolly-girl wasn’t having it.

I looked at the menu. It mentioned four ingredients I liked: meatloaf, fries, cheese sauce, and cardiologist. “Jack, you’ll be heading in for a ream-n-clean on those stents if you keep eating like this!” “Dolly-girl, this looks to me like Cattleman’s Poutine—I owe it to Rouge to write this one up, and I can’t write it up if I don’t try it!” If those green eyes could talk, well, I’ll just leave it at that.

I ordered it. I have to tell you, it’s going to get zero curds, because it had no curds. But, when the Cookie-in-the-Kitchen decided to take a short-cut and combine the cheese and gravy, well, I have to give him some sort of credit. I dug in.

The fries were crisp right to the very end. The cheesy gravy was salty and cheesy. Of course it didn’t squeak ‘cause there weren’t any curds, but it was pretty tasty. The meatloaf? Well, I found out what they did with Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday’s leftover meatloaf—they put it in The Horseshoe on Sunday. I presume they have some sort of moving average thing going where they pour cheesy gravy over the meatloaf that's going to leave the kitchen one way or another and call it The Horseshoe. 

I guess it’s time for the curds to hit the fries. I give it 3.5 curds* where the asterisk leaves it out of the record book because of the whole no curd thing. What pulled it down? Wednesday’s meatloaf that should have left the kitchen through the other door...

MarKum Inn, 36903 OR-213, Mt. Angel, OR 97362 
Tel: 503-829-6006

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