Monday, September 26, 2016

The Iron Skillet

Review courtesy of Matt, trying a poutine offered as a dessert. Here's what he thought:

Funnel Cake Fry Poutine (Dessert Poutine)

Funnel Cake Fries - Crispy exterior; fluffy, warm interior.
Cream Cheese Curds - Grated frozen cheesecake, melt in your mouth.
Butterscotch "Gravy" - Not too sweet, under fries.
Cinnamon powdered on top - not overpowering, base of flavour.
Raspberry Sauce Garnish - Provides well-needed colour, real raspberries (seeds), nice and sweet.

5/5 curds, left me wanting more.

The Iron Skillet Restaurant & Pub, 20 Balsam Rd. Collingwood, ON
Phone: 705-444-5804

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