Friday, July 29, 2016

The Daily Planet

Another Vermont-area review from Marcia. Thanks for this!

 Spurred by our success the previous night, the five of us shared a DUCK CONFIT POUTINE for an appetizer at The Daily Planet, a chic little restaurant in Burlington, Vermont.

We were a little disappointed. The hand-cut “frites” were sweet potato (I love the fact that they are called “frites” on the menu), which didn’t have the heft or crunch to sustain the toppings, which included a small-ish schmear of duck confit (if you can shmear a confit, that is), as well as a gravy with “rosemary and candy cap”… being too embarrassed to ask what that was all about, we just ate it. Turns out that they are mushrooms (according to Wikipedia – “Candy cap or curry milkcap is the English-language common name for several closely related edible species of Lactarius; L. camphoratus, L. fragilis, and L. rubidus. These mushrooms are valued for their highly aromatic qualities and are used culinarily as a flavoring rather than as a vegetable.”). Well, we didn’t get the highly aromatic qualities since there was a lot of rosemary as well, but the gravy was very tasty... And the “curds” … again – Vermont cheddar, no squeak. But not a bad effort. We all decided if we went back to this restaurant, we’d explore the menu further and skip a poutine revisit. But, we all recommend that if you have a hankering for a more exotic poutine, you give it a try.

I would give it a 4 out or 5 curds

15 Center Street, Burlington VT

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