Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Frisco Fries

My friend Betty, a longtime poutine lover, chimes in on her latest tasting...

Betty needed a poutine fix and happened by Frisco Fries in the Georgetown Marketplace. Betty reports," It was excellent....lots of curds and gravy." She rated it a five out of a possible five curds. Nom, nom, nom! Thanks for the heads up Betty. I'll have to check it out.

Frisco Fries, Georgetown Marketplace, 280 Guelph St., Georgetown, ON L7G 4B1 
Tel: 905-873-3119

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Guillaume Pare said...

Hello! Bonjour! I can definitely say that Frisco Fries in Georgetown has the BEST POUTINE in Ontario.

I grew up in Québec, I grew up with poutine, the REAL stuff. Every grocery stores I grew up around were selling fresh cheese curds made daily by local cheese factories. So all restaurants I grew up around had fresh squeaky cheese curds in their poutines,and they always put a lot of it.

10 years ago, I moved in Ontario, and I tried many different places where they claimed to sell poutine, but so many time I've been disappointed. Mostly because real cheese curd is hard to find in Ontario. And, since it has to be transported in refrigerated trucks, when it arrives it is not squeaking anymore because as soon as you refrigerate cheese curds it loses its freshness. And I won't even talk about shredded cheese on poutine, which to me and all Québécois is an abomination!

The best places are often the ones you expect less. Well, one day I found it. I just got another one tonight, and I can say that the BEST POUTINE in Ontario is at Frisco Fries in Georgetown. It in the Georgetown shopping mall, in the food court. I chatted with the man there tonight, and he confirmed that the cheese they use is from Québec.

Though not squeaky (because of refrigeration) their cheese is awsome and they are not cheap, they put a lot of it, just as it is in Québec.

The gravy is brown and thick, just as it should be.

And the fries are not undercooked, like so many places, but perfectly balanced with crunchy outside and soft inside.

Well, if you live near Georgetown, Ontario and are missing the taste of a real good poutine from Québec, this place is as close as it gets!