Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bistro Soleil Westwood

This review just in from my friend Susan who lives in Los Angeles, California. She's married to a Canadian friend of mine, so comes by her love of poutine naturally. And now they're passing it on to their daughter. Well done Susan! Here's what she said:

I finally tried Poutine! I had seen pictures of it on Ronna's blog and even improvised a version at home but now that I have had the real deal... WOW!
My husband, daughter (almost five years old) and I went to Bistro le Soleil in Westwood and tried the poutine Christine. It was amazing! Shoestring frites with a delicious cognac and peppercorn gravy and light as air cheese curds. They offer many other varieties as well.  

My next trip I will try poutine with mussels and maybe a poutine with merguez sausage. They even offer a poutine sampler! As I was leaving, a family arrived (obviously regular customers as they received hugs from the staff) and their little girl ordered poutine with broccoli.  I may have to ask for that next time too or maybe with spinach and garlic? 
 If you happen to find yourselves in my neighborhood stop by Soleil for a delicious treat! Happy Eating! 
Bistro du Soleil Westwood, 1386 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles California 90024
Phone: 310-441-5384
Website: http://www.soleilwestwood.com/home
For a peek at their poutine ONLY menu, click here!!!!


Knatolee said...

That looks fantastic!

GEL said...
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GEL said...

On behalf of MY friend Luc, the owner of Soleil, thank you very much for the nice comments. We have placed a link to your blog post on his restaurant Facebook page.


Thank you.