Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This review from Jennifer in Prescott. Sorry it didn't turn out so "Rosie"!

While in Brighton, the hubby and I tried out a little diner called Rosie's for lunch. It is a nicely appointed little restaurant right near the main intersection on highway 30/Young St. To begin, the battered cod and the club sandwich were very good. Good prices too. I thought it would be fun to upgrade the fries with the fish to a poutine to see how they did in this neck of the woods. I am sorry to say it didn't meet most of the requirements for a good poutine.

The fries weren't super hot, the sauce was a thick, salty, beef gravy and there wasn't a curd to be found. Grated mozzarella took their place. We each tried a bite or two and left the rest. The main thing about an indulgent treat is that it must be enjoyable. Well, not this time. 1.5 curds out of a possible 5.

Rosie's, 1 Prince Edward St, Brighton ON K0K 1H0
Phone: 613-475-4705

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Knatolee said...

Good lord, that poutine looks BAD!!! ANd there's not excuse for that mozzarella in the curd belt!!!