Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bob's Fries

My sister Marci, friend Jen and I headed to Merrickville, Ontario and came upon Bob's Fries.

Nice looking place with coordinating colours. Even the garbage pails were purple!

The menu was nice and simple.

We decided to split a poutine to get a taste of it. Here my sis is taking a photo for her own poutine album.

We were all disappointed. The fries were soggy; the curds, although they were ample, were cold and therefore not squeeky; and the gravy was okay. We were disappointed. We all agreed on a 3 out of a possible 5 curd rating.

Bob's Fries, St. Lawrence Street, Merrickville, ON K0G 1N0
Phone: 613-258-3652


Jack D'Mestiere said...

I like the bag though

Knatolee said...

Bummer man, because the pics looked promising! I liked the bag, but then thought poutine is probably better spread out on a plate, so that you get a nice chip-gravy-cheese ratio at all times.

I hate soggy fries!

Bobs Fresh Cut Fries said...

We here at Bob's always appreciate feedback! This year we have switched to the clam shell cases so that the poutine is spread out, in hopes of alleviating the soggy fry! We have also altered our gravy recipe a little. In terms of the curd temperature, personally i agree with you- the squeak is half the charm!!, but bags of curd are kept in the fridge so if the container has refilled recently the curds will still be cold :(, as of yet i have still found nothing that will help- but always open to suggestions. Thanks again for the feedback always looking for ways in which we can improve. Please do come by and try the updated poutine!!

ridiqular said...

Stopped in here with my family on the way back to Kingston. The pulled pork poutine was huge and amazing. Lots of good cheese curds and the pulled pork was tender. The place was busy but the staff were super nice.