Wednesday, July 27, 2011


From my friend Judi who lives in South Florida. Thanks Judi!

The fries were excellent, and the gravy was hearty and satisfying. The cheese curds, well... I made the decision early on not to examine too closely. Nor to dwell upon the about-to-be-rancid undertow.
Starved of such things as poutine in Coral Springs, Florida, I thoroughly enjoyed and devoured the dish. It was next door to a shabby motel called Colibri, which she translated for me as "hummingbird." But at first I heard "Human Bird." So we laughed, enjoying this tasty dish, remembering the almond croissants we'd eaten that morning at the Atwater market near where my kid lives, happy that we would be in Montreal another day to walk over and eat more tomorrow morning.

Bistro-Burger Plus, 6966 Rue St.-Jacques, Montreal, QC H4B 1V8
Tel. 514-487-4768