Friday, April 8, 2011

Great Gardens Café

This just in from Rick Eckstrom in Beaufort, South Carolina. "This is the first time I have eaten poutine. The French fries were topped with ground beef and mushroom gravy and Swiss cheese. I enjoyed the dish — the fries were cooked just right and the gravy was delightful. It could have used a bit more cheese, but I would still give it a 4-curd rating."
Thanks Rick. This is our first poutine rating from South Carolina. Well done!

Great Gardens Café, 3669 Trask Parkway, Beaufort, SC 29906
Phone: 843-521-1900


Claire said...

Oh yummy, that looks soooo delicious.

Wonder if this culinary invention would catch on in Oz?

Certainly worth a try. What sort of cheese curd do you use to make it Ronna?

Anonymous said...

This twitter ought to be right up your alley.!/Smkdmeatpoutine

Knatolee said...

I think it's great that poutine is showing up in SC!

Claire, we usually get cheese curds from cheddar in this parts. They have to be fresh and squeaky!

Medifast Coupon said...

I have never had poutine with ground beef on it, just the cheese and gravy, great idea. Going to have to play around with a recipe for this, thanks.

Glaychia said...

Hey, this is Glaychia from Great Gardens Cafe in Beaufort. I absolutely love the concept of this site! Anywho, as I have not come across any cheese curd in the immediate area, I opted to sub a very nice Swiss cheese instead (pairs real nice with the mushrooms). And I also have a variation that is fries topped with a fresh garlic and parsley cream sauce with parmesan. So far from the poutine concept but indulgence to the extreme!