Friday, July 9, 2010

Kosher Poutine

My friends Gordon and Natalie brought over their 13-year-old friend Rachel. She was visiting from Maryland and had never tried poutine before. Oh my!

Rachel's request was to have kosher poutine and it was a fairly easy task. I found a tin of brown, mushroom gravy, added curds and fries and voila! Meat-free poutine.

The gravy tasted really nice. Not too salty. I think I'd buy it again, instead of purchasing the so-called "poutine" gravy they sell at the grocery store. And I think Rachel really enjoyed her first taste of the stuff.


Knatolee said...

Those curds were SO fresh and squeaky!!! I gave it 5 curds out of 5, with six bonus curds for atmosphere! :)

Anonymous said...

Oy! Wish I was there!
And I hear Rachel makes one mean carrot cake!

Daniel Lieberman said...

Where did you find kosher curds?